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The Cebiches of Rumiñahui

The Ceviches of Ruminahui is now serving up deliciously unique Ecuadorian dishes for people of all nationalities to enjoy – right in the heart of Kendall in Florida.

Diners can now come and find out what real Ecuadorian cuisine tastes like with our specialty seafood dishes all crafted with heartfelt tradition an unparalleled skill.

About us

Serving great food is both a skill and an art, and with the fine Ecuadorian dishes and unique dining experience offered at The Ceviches of Ruminahui, you might say their servers are the most skilled artisans in the business.

Cooking up great food since 1985.

Ecuador in the Heart of Kendall

Find out why thousands of others have patronized The Ceviches of Ruminahui all these years and try our speciality meals and dishes.

We guarantee that each customer will leave our restaurant with nothing but a well-pleased palate, a satisfied hunger, and a hankering for more.

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